Client Results

We successfully compete with the “big boys” because we deliver measurable benefits in an innovative and collaborative manner.

Typical project benefits include:

Smoother execution, which comes from clear priorities and aligned teams.
Better communication, trust and accountability among team members and stakeholders.
Improved working relationships, reduced conflict, and fewer people obstacles on the path success.
Resolved issues that threaten the success of the enterprise if not addressed.
Savings of time, money and frustration.
Increased performance, productivity, and profits.
Enhanced ability to understand customer needs and deliver compelling value.
Sharper competitive advantage because of clear positioning
Reduced stress and avoidance of preventable problems before they strike.
Ability to achieve results more smoothly and quickly because of realistic and actionable plans.


Typical Clients Results

Below are typical results our clients experience when working with us.
For more clients results, please see the case studies.

Contribute to National Security

“My teams love working with Terry, appreciate the benefits of his methodology, and are actively applying these concepts to projects and program that improve national security. Working with Terry has been one of the joys of my leadership career and I highly recommend him to any lab leader who faces big challenges and wants to make a greater impact.”

Tammy P.Taylor, PhD. PE
Chief Operating Officer
Nation Security Directorate
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Combat Fraud, Reduce Churn and Bad Debt

“The workshop you held at DirecTV was instrumental in helping us develop a cohesive and coordinated strategy… Until then our strategies were at times random and disconnected. Your workshop cured that… Our effort to combat Fraud with this Schmidt-cured strategy, reduced churn and bad debt.”

James F.Whalen
Vice President
Office of Signal Integrity DirecTV


Manage a Growth Explosion

“You have facilitated our last two Strategic Planning Meetings.We had a 300% growth year. Without you as our facilitator, this would not have happened in such a clear and concise way.”

Brad and Nancy Meyers
B.E.Meyers & Co., Inc.


Develop a Business Strategy to Go Global

“Thank you for consulting in developing our strategy to go global with our line of organic health and beauty products. From very humble origins, we have grown to feature over 200 products… Our latest distributors are in Dubai. We are grateful for your help turn this local Thai company into a successful global enterprise.”

Ms. Manmaun Sittisak
Golden Herb Body care Co., ltd