Complicated issues don’t always require complex solutions.

There’s a new definition of the classic KISS principle:



We favor simple methodologies that are easy to apply over complex ones that are never used. But simple does not mean simplistic. Over the years we’ve learned what works best, what tools you need, and how to deliver them to you. Our methodologies are based on principles drawn from science and management and proven in practice. The wisdom we bring comes from experience. You will find more complex approaches out there, but you won’t find any as immediately useful as ours are.

Understanding your context is the first step in working together. We bring clarity to fuzzy situations. We listen carefully to your concerns to pinpoint the issue and suggest ways to define what success looks like in measurable ways. Then we develop a solution proposal with clear outcomes, options, timing, and budget.

Our three step approach sets the foundation for outstanding results.

Step 1: Assess – Discuss Your Situation
We begin our active partnership by taking the time to discuss, assess, and thoroughly understand your issues, needs, and desired outcomes. Our discovery process uncovers deeper causes and problem-drivers. We are skilled at differentiating between root problems versus superficial symptoms.

Step 2: Develop – Define Project Scope
Next we outline a tailored approach that best fits your requirements. You’ll receive a brief proposal which spells out the results and benefits you can expect, along with work plan, mutual responsibilities, timing, and investment. We often propose several options for your consideration. A conceptual agreement by both parties, followed by a short contract, kicks off the delivery phase.

Step 3: Deliver – Implement the Solution
We tailor our solutions and delivery methods for maximum impact, whether that means a few hours meeting time with key executives, or several training sessions over a period of time involving multiple departments and collaborators.

The most successful engagements include a series of interactions over a period of several weeks or months. While exceptions exist, we prefer multiple events over one-shot meetings and workshops, as these “quick fix” sessions seldom yield lasting benefits. The most effective projects include follow-up reinforcement or ongoing coaching to make sure that the solutions stick.

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Collaboration closes the gap between performance and potential.

Here are some frequent service requests from our clients:

  1. Sharpen Strategy & Develop Execution Plans
    Even the best plans have a half-life and strategies must be periodically updated to stay fresh. Sometime only a tweak is needed; at other times, a major overhaul.
  2. Facilitate Sessions to Handle Tough Issues
    These intensive sessions resolve the troublesome issues that keep good leaders awake at night – topics such as launching new products, shifting the culture, ramping up performance, installing new processes, and making pivotal decisions.
  3. Launch Task Forces, Special Initiatives and Project Teams
    Good plans are one thing, making them work is quite another. Our “Plan Smarter” process jump starts task forces so they get moving fast with clear plans and make-it-happen commitment.
  4. Upgrade your Group Management Systems
    Are your internal processes in sync? Are you firing on all cylinders? For a deeper dive into your critical organization processes, we pinpoint exactly how to set you on the path to higher performance.
  5. Guide Organization Change
    Change efforts fail without sufficient attention paid to the underlying processes, structures, and incentives that drive new behavior. Our change management expertise guides you to successfully introduce, manage and implement change.
  6. Reinvent Your Department
    Forward-thinking leaders periodically conduct organization “spring cleaning” by taking a fresh look at where they are and where they need to be. We offer you polished lenses through which to review stalled programs and stuck strategies and redirect your efforts towards more promising and profitable directions.
  7. Energize Corporate Events and Off-sites
    Teams of all sizes can benefit from dynamic learning and development events focused on your business objectives. We are trained in NLP and the latest personal development disciplines. Whether your team is 15 or 150 people, they will appreciate a live interactive event that fosters teamwork and inspires new ideas.
  8. Provide Remote Project Management Support
    Individuals, teams, and organizations seeking cost-effective professional consulting rely on our remote project management support. You can greatly benefit from our expert coaching to develop, confirm or modify strategies, project management plans and action initiatives.
  9. Apply Logical Framework Thinking
    The Logical Framework is a robust systems thinking tool for organizing and managing all types of projects and strategic change. Its infinite adaptability has turned hundreds of our clients into raving fans. Already familiar with the LogFrame and want to adapt this innovative thinking tool for your organization? We are your perfect partner to ensure effective implementation.

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“You gave us the tools and insights to successfully redirect a major reengineering project in a rapidly-changing environment.”

Michael J. Greenhalgh, Senior Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District –