Project Designs

We are best known for being leaders in the Logical Framework Approach to project design.

Terry wrote the book on the Logical Framework Approach and has trained more people and guided more Log Frame applications in government and industry than any other consultant.

Listed below are a sampling of diverse project designs using The Logical Framework Approach. These are free. For a more extensive project design library, please consult our store.

Turn Strategy Into Action: The Logical Framework Approach to Managing Strategic Change.
Learn about our versatile Logical Framework planning and execution approach in this brief report.

Strategic Project Management Workshops
Can a strategy workshop be considered to be a project? Absolutely. Workshops include all the elements of any project. This Logical Framework summarizes the design for a Strategic Project Management workshop in a way that simplifies evaluation of impact.

Winning the Peace after Winning the War
This in-depth Log Frame summarizes the strategy used in the Sultanate of Oman to build a strong and peaceful nation after winning the war against rebels. Terry spent six weeks facilitating government agencies in designing a program for stability and economic growth. Excellent use of measures.

Improving Social Service Delivery
When mysterious injuries occurred in this school for the developmentally disabled, something had to be done. This is a best practice Log Frame guided their solution.

Combating the Asian Gypsy Moth Invasion
This project team grew from 3 to 300 people in 6 weeks to combat a serious pest invasion threatening the Pacific Northwest. Here's their LogFrame plan for this important project.

Developing A Project Management Office
A Project Management Office (PMO) is a must for carrying out critical projects which cross organizational boundaries. There are no one-size-fits-all PMOs. Each must be tailored to fit the context, project types, organization structure, culture, and skill sets.

Improving Physical Health & Mental Stamina
Do you have a strategy to stay for physical health and mental excellence? These are critical for well-being. With the fast pace many of us keep, it is smart to create a strategic plan to develop a health-maintenance, regimen that is not only doable, but fun!

Improving Effectiveness of a Non-Profit Board of Directors
The following LogFrame was developed by the Board for a city shelter for battered women, children and their pets which was doing heroic work in a time of growing needs. This generic design elements that can be adapted to any non-profit setting.

Refocusing My Career
With today’s rapid changing business environment, it is easy for your career to get out of focus. Use the LogFrame to re-frame and refocus what you want to achieve. This example has a goal to “enjoy a prosperous career of contribution and satisfaction.” Don’t we all want that?

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