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Wish there was a faster way to turn your bright ideas into successful execution? Tired of endless discussions that don’t produce a plan? Looking for a better way to get everyone on the same page? Here it is! The Logical Framework Approach ( LFA) delivers a game-changing way to plan, implement and evaluate your most essential and difficult projects.

This highly effective methodology originally created to help USAID design projects in developing countries. Terry taught the LFA worldwide, then fine-tuned and made it available to a broad business and technical audience, in his best-selling book, The LFA is based on a set of interlocking management concepts that organize project information using a 4×4 interactive matrix.

Getting the right answers begins with asking the right questions. Terry identified four critical strategic questions enable teams to collaboratively design project rapidly and effectively.


Single Group LogFrame UCLA

Answers to these strategic questions populate the cells in the LogFrame matrix and flesh out a sound plan that links to the larger strategy. The multiple embedded methodologies and simple internal logic gives teams a language and efficient process to think through the tough issues early in the game.

The LFA is ideal for projects involving intangibles, information, and change. Our clients actively use it for R&D, change management, process improvement, systems development, technology, talent development, and more.
To learn about the Logical Framework concepts, go here. Turn Strategy Into Action Article.pdf

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