Energize Your Retreats

Turn your off-site retreats into on-target advances!

We are the perfect partner to energize your retreats, conferences and all hands meetings. We inject exceptional value and creative welcome variety into the typical corporate event. Our company events and special retreats are full of surprises, moments of fun, profound insights, and learning which keep attendees engaged and inspired while they get real work done. Some recent examples:

  • Federal Government Agency – Terry lead multi-session retreats that strengthened communication across functional silos and improved handling of national intelligence information.
  • KBR– Terry guided senior managers in this global EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) company to be more effective in their leadership roles.
  • Exelon Nuclear Real Time IT Department – Terry conducted an all-day session for 50 participants to equip the team with a strategic way to approach their work.

Choose From Our Outstanding Learning Programs

People love our training because it is fast-paced and relevant. Within the first five minutes, the groups are actively engaged with laughter and energy, and eager anticipations of what’s next. We use examples from your context to reinforce the core concepts. Our most effective programs include…

  • Turn Strategy Into Action – The Logical Framework Approach. Learn the core principles and apply to your priority projects in this signature workshop. This program is especially valuable for cross-functional teams engaged in early project design. The process provides significant team building benefits while start creating the right teamwork spirit and an accelerated start.
  • Strategic Planning Made Simple. Apply systems thinking principles to develop your long range planning in ways that engage stakeholders. Review and refine your mission, vision, strategy, priorities, and prioritize needed initiatives for the future.
  • Research confirms that a key difference between average and outstanding performers is linked to their emotional intelligence (EI): the ability to use their emotions, moods, and feelings, and those of others, to work for the greater good. Practical Emotional Intelligence. Learn to productively manage your awareness, stay motivated in difficult times, bounce back from setbacks, handle criticism, and deliver under pressure.
  • Managing Change. Change happens, like it or not. Understand core principles and use the keys to guide change. Learn how to manage the psychological dynamics and set up the right structures to intelligently guide planned change and accept to what you can’t change.

Increase Clarity, Commitment, and Alignment

Retreats are an ideal time to take a fresh-eyed view of why your group exits, where it is group going, and how to get these.

Our most innovative retreats focus on “localizing” vision, mission, and values. It’s tough for people to emotionally connect with high level corporate vision, mission, and values. That’s why we guide groups in creating their own statements that support the corporate statements but are more meaningful, actionable, and measurable.

Using our KISS Principle, (Keep It Simple Schmidt) organization strategy can be summarized in using causal logic. The higher purpose is to contribute to an important vision.

Vision is the aspirational direction which can never fully be met. After sharpening vision, we so requires a set of clear and measurable goals to get there clarify the set of shared and measurable Goals that collectively contribute direction of vision. The same If-Then causal logic applies.

The end result should be a meaningful vision, and a clear set of measurable goals supported by logical initiatives, each of which has a purpose and set of outcomes.

The connecting logic here is the same as in the Logical Framework, providing a logical bridge between strategy and execution.

For a colorful client story of the exceptional productivity benefits this can yield, see chapter Four of Terry’s book. This involved mission/vision/value clarification followed by identifying improvement initiatives. The beauty of the process is that the initiatives were staff developed and owned, driven by a shared and meaningful vision.

Let us help you design a retreat that advances your organization.