A Recognized Leader in Strategic Management

For over 30 years, Terry has pioneered strategic management solutions for organizations all over the world. He has guided leaders at all levels to expand their thinking, discover new approaches, and turn unique challenges into opportunities.

Having led numerous significant initiatives, he understands that underneath the various client situations, the basic principles and solution themes remain the same:

  • There is no single best approach — but all effective approaches are grounded in systems thinking principles
  • Strategic planning is necessary but will not yield the best results unless coupled with well-coordinated and collaborative action
  • Eighty percent of the time when strategies fail, it’s for predicable and usually preventable reasons
  • People support what they help create, so always involve key stakeholders early to get their buy in and stay in
  • All strategic initiatives are change projects of some type, and people tend to resist change because change introduces uncertainty on their lives

assoc-for-strategic-planning-logoTerry’s insights, expertise, and leadership in strategic management have played a key role in helping the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP ) develop their Body of Knowledge (BOK) and certification program. ManagementPro is proud to be one of only five charter Registered Educational Providers (REPS) qualified to use the ASP’s the Body of Knowledge in preparing people to earn two professional distinctions.

We are the best investment you’ll ever make when it comes to strategic management. Terry Schmidt has been at the forefront of simplifying the systems thinking tools and applications which bridge the gap between good ideas and real results.

“You took us from the surreal world to the real world of strategic thinking and planning.”

Jim Whalen, Vice President – DirecTV –