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Four Strategic Ideas from Gary Vaynerchuk #AskGaryVee

 Gary Vee #AskGaryVee

You may already know Gary Vaynerchuck’s story.  I didn’t until he spoke at the Infusionsoft 2016 conference. Until he stepped on stage, I had no idea that this brilliant, fast-talking, colorful, storytelling hustler with a heart would stimulate me so much.

This 40-year-old Russian immigrant started working in his dad’s liquor store from age 13. Gary saw the potential of social media, started  and recorded 1001 video episodes which boosted sales from $3 million annually to nearly $50 million .  He built his current media company from 20 to over 500 employees using brilliance and hustle.

I sat in the fourth row of the Phoenix Conference Center listening to him along with 3,000 other entrepreneurs.  What I experienced was a totally passionate, brilliant, and caring entrepreneur committed to making a difference in the world.  Here are my top take-aways from Gary that I’ll bet apply to you as well.

1. Passion Matters.   You need to be excited about your ideas to make them happen, excited about your life to enjoy the ride.   If you feel stuck, find something large or small to get jazzed about again. Gear yourself up each day. Discover a way to make today an adventure.

2. Play the long game. It’s easier to tolerate an overbearing boss  or corporate bullshit if your larger goal is to run your division three years from now and happily retire to Fiji in 2036.    The oldsters among us will remember the advertising tagline “No fine wine before it’s time” in the old Orson Welles commercials for Gallo.  This wisdom applies to raising great kids and crafting a great career and life as well.

3. Give before you ask. The best way to develop raving fans, whether those be co-workers or customers, is to be a giver. Give your support, your warmth, your ideas, your time. Build up relationship capital so you have assets to call on when you need to.

4. Be who you are. Understand and tap into your own DNA.  What makes you tick? Be honest about your personality, attitudes, driving ambitions, and skills.  Focus on leveraging your strengths rather than trying to overcome weaknesses. Gary credits self-awareness and emotional intelligence as his master keys to success.  The ancient Greek aphorism to “know thyself applies even more two millenniums later.

Gary gifted the audience with his brand new book #AskGaryVee , which I heavily underlined on my flight back to Seattle. This is a sweet 356 page read in which Gary presents colorful timeless advice on marketing, social media, personal branding entrepreneurship, wine,  and everything else you’ve been afraid to ask but are dying to know.

I was late to the party in discovering this man, so after the conference I dug into his treasure-chest of insights and entertainment on YouTube.   If you are also just meeting this passionate visionary, get fired up with the video Six minutes for the next 60 years.

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